A must see!

Picasso's Portraits

Olga by Pablo Picasso
Over the past 3 months I've been to several exhibitions including big names such as David Hockney at the MAC, El Bosco (Bosch) in Madrid, Francis Bacon in Tate Liverpool and Caravaggio in the National Gallery London but none of them come close to the Picasso Portraits exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery.

I've long been a fan of Picasso and have stood in front of Guernica for hours, so this exhibition was always going to be a winner however I didn't expect it to be as cleverly curated as it was.

As you enter the first room you are welcomed by one of Pablo's early self portraits and as you go through each room in turn, you journey through his life. I've been to many galleries around the world in a Picasso treasure hunt yet I've only seen a few of the paintings on display here. Many of them are on loan from private collections so it makes for a real treat seeing them all together on display.

Picasso's cheeky side is obvious, with sketches of his closest friends spread throughout the rooms, each one highly unflattering! I used to graffiti on magazines, giving people moustaches and missing teeth and Picasso was no different! You get a real sense of the man behind the front in this exhibition.

The full range of Picasso's styles are on show, for those disbelievers who think he was talentless and only know him for his cubist portraits, you are treated to not one but two brilliant portraits of his first wife, Olga. There is also a lovely home video of the two of them.

I don't want to spoil the show for people so I'm not going to say anymore other than you should really try and get to this exhibition before it closes on 5th February 2017.