Rachel Owen is a contemporary artist living and working near Belfast, Northern Ireland. She began her further education by studying architecture at Queen's University, Belfast, leaving this to pursue her love of art at the Ulster University where she gained a diploma in art and design in 2004. Owen then returned to Queen's University, graduating in 2008 with a first class master's degree in civil engineering. Throughout her time at university she continued to paint, undertaking several commissions. Owen's portrait of footballer David Healy was her first attempt at portraiture and was chosen by a panel to be displayed on a billboard in the seaside town of Bangor where she is from. Owen's work can be found on display in private collections worldwide, with the largest single collection found in The Ormeau Bakery, Belfast. Themes vary but are usually figurative, with portraits ranging from her work colleagues and friends, to past lecturers and most recently to studies of her friend's pets. Owen returned to the Ulster University in 2016 and is currently studying for a BA in Fine Art.